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Time flies fast when you're out of touch!
We had a wonderful time in Annapolis seeing old friends and attending all the events. We arrived back in Connecticut late Sunday night (several weeks ago). My naval officer had to fly out Monday morning but before he left, he checked his emails, sent off a few messages and decided to update a few programs. YIKES!
I love technology as long as it's working properly. I must confess that I am more than a little technologically challenged. I never go for anything that has endless bells and whistles. I like to turn it on and be ready to go. Besides, I married a man who has one of his graduate degrees in Computer Engineering.
I came home from school Monday afternoon to our computer that was acting very strange and making an odd noise (I know enough about computers to realize this wasn't a good thing). I called my husband in hopes of catching him before he got on the submarine ~ I caught him just in time for him to tell me that he updated a few programs (read outdated my ability to communicate with the outside world) and to call our neighbor to take a "quick look" at it as he was sure it wasn't anything all that serious.
Our computer crashed!
I never realized how much I use this vehicle of information. I've had to go into school early and stay late since I can't work from home, I've had little communication with several family members and friends as we are all busy and use the Internet to keep in touch, not to mention my new found friends in the blog world.
We are rebuilt and back on the communication highway once again. I say all this with my fingers crossed as my husband flew out this morning to ride a sub.
Looking forward to catching up and checking in! : )

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Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Well we are glad you are back in the world of blogging and sorry to hear about the crash! YUCK! I hope things get back to normal for you soon! :)

Sandy Toes said...

it is amazing how much we depend on these little ole computers! Glad you are back with us!
-Sandy Toes

Petunia said...

My goodness, Jo! I missed you!
I am glad to hear that everyone is okay and that it was just a technical problem! :)

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