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Thursday, January 22, 2009 |
If you happen to be going to a gathering in the near future and want to quickly gain the attention of others in the room try this line out ~ I promise you heads will turn!
My morning started like this:
Bell rang, students entered my classroom, I was trying to quickly get attendance, lunch count, and reading logs check before we headed of to Art (which is only 10 minutes after the bell rings), child approached my desk says the following ....
Mrs. (insert my last name) I think I have Chicken Pox.
I'm really itchy all over and have bumps on my back
and arms!
Oh yeah, I immediately stop what I'm doing, look up only to see the look of horror on my aides face, and that of another teachers' that has just entered my classroom. As calmly as possible she is taken to the school nurse.
Thankfully, it was just a false alarm. Our school nurse assured us all that it is merely a bad case of dry skin ~ poor thing.
Let me know the reactions you get if you decide to try it out in a crowded room :)

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Sandy Toes said...

OH my..yes, that would gather some attention...poor thing!
-sandy toe

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

That is an attention getter!!

Good thing it wasn't the chicken pox!!


Anonymous said...

My oldest had chicken pox when he was four years old. This was before they started was bad! Poor little guy was covered from head to toe!

I actually got chicken pox my first year of college and it was SO embarassing, I could have just died!!!!

Thank God they vaccinate now :-)

The Graves' House said...

with all that has been going on in my classroom this week, i'm surprised i didn't get hit with that one too. funny the things that make a teacher come to a stop huh? :)

At Home In Georgia said...

HA! I can't imagine seeing a teacher standing there after hearing that. Dry skin...that is terrible...better than chicken pox though.

Mc Allen said...

whew, thank goodness it wasnt. my lil p hasnt ever had them-yet!! ♥ LA

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