Unsettled return

Wednesday, January 7, 2009 |
Getting back into the school routine has been difficult.
Wouldn't you know, Sunday afternoon I started not feeling well.
By Sunday night I felt horrible. The stomach bug had been going around, but
I thought we were fine since no one showed any signs of being sick. Oh not so true!
My son was really sick most of Sunday, then I got a little of the bug and my daughter was
sick on Monday. What a fabulous way to start the new year!
I went to school Monday not feeling my best, but struggled through.
I was in bed for the night at 7pm. I felt so much better when I woke on Tuesday.
Off to school I went for my half day as I had to take the afternoon off for my son's root canal ~not a fun way to start his new year. He broke his front tooth a few years ago fooling around and just "being a boy." We knew this day was coming at some point. The dentist was hoping to make it until he had completed his final growth spurt (this child has just keeps getting taller and taller) before she did the procedure. However, his tooth had other plans. It's been causing him a little pain so during his annual teeth cleaning last month, she decided it was best to take care of the root canal now rather than have something happen in North Carolina (where he attends college) and need to see a dentist that had no prior knowledge of his mouth.
Everything went very well. We have an awesome dentist. She is absolutely fabulous! Her personality and mannerisms fit our family to a T. I went back to see how things were going and with a giggle, she said they had to pull out the powerful stuff because his front tooth is so big. He really does have large teeth and they are beautiful. I was crushed when he first broke his tooth. By choice, Nick watched most of the procedure (yuck, I think it's a boy thing) and feels confident that he could perform this procedure on family and friends if necessary ~ thanks Nick, but I think we'll keep our dental insurance just to be on the safe side! :)
Due to the weather this morning ~ ice and freezing rain ~ we have a delay.
What an unsettled week to start off our new year.
Maybe tomorrow will be a normal day!

This is just a random picture that I took with my new camera. I was rather impressed with the green of the tree in the forefront and the black and white of the bare branches and clock in the background.
I also didn't think you wanted to see any of the pictures that I took of Nick during his dental outing!

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Rae said...

So glad you're feeling better. You're right, starting a new year sick is just not fun! I can't believe you guys have school today!! I was shocked when I checked my sister's town and saw they only had a delay!!! I'll be home with my kiddos watching movies!

Sandy Toes said...

Lately, I can't seem to find out what "normal" is..haven't had one of those lately!

Hope you all are feeling better soon!
-sandy toe

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I am having a rough time getting back into the swing myself!! It is only the second day back and Nick got out early yesterday because of the weather, and has a delay today too.....kind of throws a wrench into my work day...ugh!!

I cannot believe Nick watched his root canal.....that is one surgery I don't think I would want to watch.

Hope 2009 will start to turn for the better....get well soon:)


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Yuck!! No fun to start off the new year with the flu bug! I am so sorry for you guys! I hope next week is more "normal" Jo! :)

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