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Pizza on the Grill
My entire family loves pizza made on the grill.
We have tiles that we use on the grill to achieve this thin crispy on the
outside and just slightly chewy on the inside yummy crust.
When my son came home for the holidays, he requested that before his return,
he "needed" to have pizza on the grill.
Last night the children had some friends over so we decided it was the perfect night
for one of our family favorites.

Please note the look of excitement on my son's face.
I don't think you can take the kid out of the teenager.

Step 1
Choose your toppings.
Last night we made four pizzas for the crowd. We are not picky eaters and
over the years have tried many different combinations.

This is a family event so we all get in on the action.
Because of the grilling, you need to make sure any items that
require cooking are done so ahead of time.
It's actually very helpful to have more than one set
of hands when you're trying to beat
the melting cheese.

*the items on the table are from the boys trying
to build something out
of the remaining snow.

Step 2
Place your dough on the tiles. Once the bottom is just lightly golden,
flip the dough and spread on your sauce.
Then you can begin to pile on the toppings
of your choice.

Step 3
Keep an eye on the pizza. You want to make sure your
grill isn't too hot.

Step 4
The toppings are on, the family is hungry
and I'm getting cold standing out here
all by myself.
Hello, you guys could come back out and help!

Oooooh yummy! The buffalo chicken is done!

The portabella mushroom, garlic and sausage
looks very tasty!

Step 5
We also had a white pizza with scallops and a pepperoni with jalapeno cheese.
They were all delicious and the time spent with my children made
the evening all that more special.

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Belle (from Life of a...) said...

He "needed" the pizza...that is hilarious. I hear it ALL THE TIME from my 18 and 22 year old kids. We've never tried pizza on the grill but it sounds delicious. I wonder if my pizza stone from Pampered Chef would work well as the tile you speak of...

Coco said...

That looks amazing! What kind of tiles are you talking about? Take a pic when you can.
Also, what is your dough recipe.

I will for sure be doing grilled pizzas for out next get together. Yum.

Rue said...

Hi Jo :)

I'm sitting here drooling.... yum!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Yes, I painted the birdhouses. Thank you for the complement!

Happy New Year!

Felicia said...

Wow! That looks amazing. I will try that for sure. Just catching up on your posts. Your house looked beautiful for Christmas. Hope you have a great 2009!

Sandy Toes said...

Wow..I have never done pizza on a grill..I am going to try looks so good!
-sandy toes

Rae said...

So yummy! I was wondering the same thing as Belle...can I use the PC stone?

Gina @ Six in the Country said...

That is awesome! I wonder if I could cook my Lean Cuisine pizza on the grill?

At Home In Georgia said...

WOW!!! The food looks so yummy but how great to enjoy the whole family too! Great.

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