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Sunday, August 10, 2008 |
Great time with invited guests ...
Last night I hosted the first of the season, CAbi show. It is a wonderful line of women's clothing.
I am SO excited about some of the pieces. I want to show you pictures but I can't get them ~ darn! My first favorite is the Manhattan blazer. It is fabulous! I'm wearing it the day it arrives even if it's 90 degrees out! It is double breasted and plaid ~ life doesn't get much better than that! My second favorite is so Jackie O. It's the Carriage Cape. It is in a beautiful green and the lining is black with white polka dots ~ another must!
All my great girl friends came to see the new line. We had lots of yummy food, wine and of course, talking non~stop.
The best part of this shopping adventure is trying the pieces on and getting "contructive critizism" from those who are near and dear to you. Or, the honest to goodness truth like it or not, they are not holding back! No, I won't be getting the Jett Jean, thank you Rebecca!
Not a great time with UN~invited guest ...
I should begin by explaining that a wren has decided that my flower display on my front door is the absolute best place to build a nest and lay her eggs ~ ummm, we sorta use that door every day. I tried to discourage her in the beginning by taking away the nest as it was being build but she got sneaky on me and built it one night when I wasn't on guard.
For the past several days I open the door and make a lot of noise so she will fly away. Due to the fact that I have a new puppy who is potty training, I am in and out non~stop. One day I didn't see her and she flew into my head ~ yes, the neighbors heard my favorite word when I get scared and I shared it with them at the top of my lungs since I was expecting a good morning peck!
As I was saying good~nite to one of my friends that had to leave early, the front door was slightly ajar. I thought the wren had left her nest .... nope, she heard a noise and flew out ... or in as "in" my house. She flew up the stairs and into my room. Rebecca who is a Librarian by day and bird hunter by night was first on the scene. She opened the windows and tried to encourage the bird to fly out ... nope, not working as planned. The bird flew out of my room and into our hallway ... now what do we do? We need a net ... I just happen to have one in my dramatic play crate in the garage. My friend Kelly apparently keeps one in her truck (I'm not asking why) so now we are armed and still have no idea what to do! However, we are women and can handle this crisis!

(armed and dangerous?)
(I think Mrs. Wren is laughing at us) Or so we thought!
The bird flew back and forth in my hallway for at least 20 minutes. When she was done playing with us, she flew back down the stairs and out the front door, just as she had arrived.
I'll tell you about my brand new double wall oven catching on fire earlier in the evening another time since you are probably going cross eyed after reading this long winded post.
I think it's safe to say that my girlfriends won't be forgetting this evening any time soon!

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Petunia said... cute. The mommy Wren must really love your flower display.
How funny that your friend just happened to have a net in her car!!?

Susie Harris said...

Now thats funny! little birds can be scary. I know first hand when two got out of the cage in my washroom. I dont know who was scared the most. Me or those two birds.

Maggii said...

ahh..Your husband must be a Submariner...I have a picture VERY similar to that one, from when my DH was on the USS Georgia.

KARIN said...

What is it with those wrens? We have one who thinks our garage is a big bird house. Its a male. Every night I have to shoo him out before I can shut the garage door. Sometimes it takes 30 monutes to get him out. sometimes, he hides and I don;t see him until I open the door in the AM to take the kids to school...or worse, to get the paper at 9AM on Sat morning (like today). I feel awful that he was trapped, but jeez! Stay out of my garage!!!

Anonymous said...

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