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Friday, August 1, 2008 |

Can you keep a secret? I went to look at baby bullies today and my husband doesn't know about it since he is out to sea. So I guess I'm not really breaking too many rules ~ sorta kinda.

We lost our faithful friend Max in May. He has heat stroke and passed away. I received one of the worst phone calls ever while at school. It was my son on the other end of the line telling me that Max has just passed away. I ran into my principals office and told her I needed to leave right away. A good friend who is the Reading Specialist said that she would cover my class for the last 45minutes of the day. Thank Goodness for such wonderful friends! I flew home in tears. My husband had gotten the same call and we were one car away from each other heading home. I will never forget the sight of my 17 year old, 6'2" son sobbing. Max was his best buddy and they had a special bond.

Max and I shared many top secret confidential conversations. At times, they were a little one sided but he didn't seem to mind. He was always interested when a package arrived, such an intent listener when I had a bad day at school, sympathetic when I was down and did all this for a mere scratch behind the ears and a treat or two. His services were much cheaper than therapy!

Our home has been much too quiet since Max has been gone. My husband has no one to watch TV with, and my retail therapy has gotten a bit pricey. Hey, I need someone to pay attention to me and those sale clerks to a bang up job!, our daughter has no one to walk past the "cute new guy" that just moved in the neighborhood, and my son needs a bud(dy).

Well, out of the blue, our breeder called to let us know that she had heard about Max from our Vet. We talked for a while and then went on with our days. Last week I called her back and casually asked if she would be having a litter any time soon. Guess what .... she has 10week old bullies! I'm in my truck and on my way!

Can you say SUCKER?

Yep, that's what I am! I've sent pictures off to the boat with an attached note stating all the reasons he needs us and we need him!

How cute is he? We look pretty darn cute together if I must say!

This little guy isn't ours yet but I'm trying to come up with a plan.

I'm thinking of passing him off as a "welcome home" gift ~ think my husband will fall for it?

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Kacey said...

I'm so sorry about the passing of your dog Max. We have a dog in our family (Bailey) who we feel the same way about...she is very old now and we wonder how much longer she'll be with us.
That picture with the new puppy is so sweet. I don't think I could resist either. I hope it works out!

Jo said...

Thanks for stopping by Kacey. It was hard to leave that cutie at the breeders and drive home alone. It's funny how much a dog becomes a member of the family. Max was a quiet laid back dog, but his absence is deafening . I'll keep you posted on my puppy progress.

Kris said...

I am so sorry about your Max passing away, that is so hard to lose a pet. You for sure need this as a welcome home gift!

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