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Friday, August 22, 2008 |

Typically, we don't usually exchange gifts for our anniversary.
This year however, my husband surprised me with gift certificate, that he created, for a new camera.

Now for the hard part ~ which one?
I don't want to buy one that has too many options at the same time I want something to grow into ~ does that make sense?

If you have a minute, please share what you own and what you most enjoy about your camera feature wise.


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Petunia said...

I have a Canon Digital Rebel EOS. It's a very good camera, but large like the one in your picture, 8mp. I also have a small Sony Cybershot, 5mp. I find that I am using the Cybershot a lot because I can simply throw it into my purse and head out.
I am looking at the new small Canons--some have up to 12 megapixels now!

Jo said...

Thanks Petunia, there are so many options out there that it becomes a little overwhelming. We would like a camera with 8mp (or something along that idea) but I agree that they are on the larger side ~ not to mention a camera bag to tote along as well.

Preppy Pugs said...

We have a Canon Digital Rebel XT with an added image stabilizer/zoom lens. My husband uses it more than I do, but we both love it. Takes great pictures, especially with quick action movement shots. On a side note, our English Bulldog Oliver is 4 years old. We love him dearly even though owning a Bulldog takes a lot of work and upkeep.

Lacy said...

Hey Bees and Fleur de lis, I just found your adorable blog!!! I have just experienced the Canon rebel and it was 12 mp!!!! It is amazing!!! I am going to post pics tomorrow of my children with shots from that camera. So if you havent gotten one yet look and see the awesome quality of the pics. My next door neighbor shot my kids playing in the yard and they look awesome. Nice to meet ya by the way! Ill be back!

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