Rainy day project

Thursday, August 7, 2008 |
I actually did this yesterday but couldn't get a bright enough picture due to the fact that it looked like mid~night at 3:00 in the afternoon.

I painted the frame (very ugly color before), bought wood at the hardware store and had it cut to fit the frame, then painted the board with chalk board paint.

Yes, that is a Longaberger basket that I painted. It is old and already had a few marks on it from various moves so I gave it a new life with a coat of paint and them stamped a fleur de lis on the front. It will hold the chalk and eraser.

I thought it would be nice for quick messages to each other as we are running out the door. Or perhaps love notes from my husband (yes, I'm dreaming).

My daughter has different thoughts. She thinks I should put our dinner menu on it in the morning before I leave for school .... Ummm, do you have a brain injury that I am not aware of? Menu? As in choices? You will eat what I serve and if you don't like it, breakfast is in a few short hours. Maybe in your next life you'll be so lucky to have a short order cook for a mother.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by! I love your frame, that is so cute, welcoming and so me!

Have a great day and I look forward to catching up on your blog when I return!

Petunia said...

I am cracking up at your daughter's suggestion! ...like you are her maid/cook/servant!! (my daughter would probably second her opinion as all she seems to ask me is what are we eating for bfast/lunch/dinner/dessert/etc...
Anyway, you are so creative. I love the idea and I vote for the love notes!

Petunia said...

Hi! Regarding the new header--it is so easy. Go to Customize your Layout. Then Edit your Header. There is a place for you to upload a picture from your computer to be the background. First I had to do a lot of editing so that the picture of the design that I had uploaded to my computer was the right width and length, then I faded it out a little. (P.S. mine was a swatch of a favorite new dress!) Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Kris said...

The menu should read: This is not a restaurant! Too cute of her to think that might happen!

Love the frame, it turned out great!

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