Jonathan Edwards

Saturday, August 16, 2008 |
This is where I spent Thursday evening, Jonathan Edwards Winery. It is absolutely gorgeous! Each Thursday in July and August they feature a band at the winery. The selection is varied and always enjoyable.
We pack a picnic dinner, buy a bottle of their wine, sit back in our beach chairs and relax!
The setting is perfect! Many years ago it was a dairy farm so it sits up on the land and looks out over it's fields which are now planted with vines. When the sun sets it hits the barn and is breath taking.
Time just seems to stop for a short time when we are here and I can catch my breath.
I love coming here for date nights with my Naval officer, but unfortunately, he isn't home right now, so we made it a girls night out and had a fabulous time!

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Petunia said...

What a beautiful evening! Wish I were there!

Petunia said...

Jo -- You've been tagged on my blog! If you want to play, then post 5 words that you do not like!

Lori said...

Sounds like a PERFECT evening!!

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