Going into town!

Saturday, August 16, 2008 |
I'm sure I've already shared (whined, complained) that we live in a small town with other small towns surrounding us. It wasn't my choice to move here, the Navy decided for us!
I grew up in a large city in Michigan and enjoyed having everything at my finger tips ~ great shopping, wonderful food stores, fabulous restaurants, cultural events, theater, and so on ... you get the picture, it had a heart beat.
My husband gets this odd twisted look on his face each time I tell him "I'm going into town, do you need anything?" He often replies by saying .... "OK Laura, this is not Little House On the Prairie."
Oh, I beg to differ!
On Thursday I hitched up the wagon and drove to town ~ a REAL town. This town (aka city) has everything I miss and it only takes me 45 minutes to get there. So yes, darling husband, I do think we live on the prairie if it takes me 45 minutes to get to civilization!
I hit my favorite food stores (they call it food shopping, not grocery shopping around here) and bought all my favorite items.

I love Trader Joe's! They have so many wonderful products, they are so friendly and best of all ... they are cheap!

My second favorite it Whole Foods ... great produce, fresh meats and seafood, huge cheese selections, fresh baked breads and pastries, love their organic selection, not to mention their bulk rices, pastas, dried fruits and nuts. I always treat myself to one of their amazing bouquet of flowers.
It's just a shame that they won't let me move in!
I also found time to hit JCrew, Pottery Barn, REI, and a few other shops on my "to do list." I even knocked off a few Christmas gifts!
This is the result of my trip to town
(this doesn't include the loaded back seat or the middle seats.)

It was a very productive trip!

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Petunia said...

Wow--looks like you stocked up! I love Whole Foods, too, but it is always so crowded here.
I can't believe you already bought Christmas presents!!!

Lori said...

This post made me laugh about "going into town". :)
That's my kind of day....lot's and lot's of shopping! I love those stores too and yes, you did have a productive day!! Now give that "wagon" a rest.

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